A bit about Rambag

Rambag is run by me, Jack Dunwell, in Frome. I am a designer maker who makes all the items that you see on this site. 

All of these felt bags are made out of Industrial felt and are fixed together using a mixture of vegetable tanned leather, pop rivets and stitching.


I have a selection of messenger / satchel bags as well as backpacks and handbags all made from felt. Everything from the straps to the bags are hand made by me, from cutting the templates out of wool felt to stitching and embossing the leather straps.


I am a new shop and so my range is not that broad, so if you have any custom requests I would be more than happy to help. So please get in contact and I will make a bag that is perfect for you.


If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact me at Jack@Rambag.co.uk